My Top 100

Andrew Mence

12 Byzantine Rulers
1914: Day by Day
A History Of – Hannibal and the Punic Wars
A History of Europe, Key Battles
A History of the World in 100 Objects
A History Of: Alexander – Remastered
A Short History of Japan
Ancient Warfare Magazine
BBC All Things Considered
BBC Inside Science
Belisarius – A History
Between Bells
Beyond Belief
Binge Thinking History
Come and Take It
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young
Dum Tee Dum » Podcasts
Emperors of Rome
Food Programme
Footnote Podcast
Footnoting History
Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
From Israelite to Jew
Gardeners’ Question Time
Geeked on History
Great Lives
History of Alchemy Podcast
History of Germany Podcast
History of Japan
History of Philosophy
History of the Christian Church
History of the Crusades
History Of The Great War
History of the Papacy Podcast
History Podcasters » Podcast Feed
In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg
Irish History Podcast
Last Stop to Nowhere
Last Word
Legends of King Arthur and His Knights
Life Of Caesar
Mexico: History and Resistance
Mid-Atlantic » podcast
More or Less: Behind the Stats
Music and Culture of WW1
Myths and History of Greece and Rome
Napoleon Bonaparte » Podcast Feed
No Such Thing As A Fish
Norman Centuries | A Norman History Podcast by Lars Brownworth
Ottoman History Podcast
Oxford Biographies
Plants – From Roots to Riches
Pop Everything
Punt PI: Steve Punt investigates
Radiolab from WNYC
Renaissance English History Podcast
Rex Factor
Roman Lives
Russian Rulers History Podcast
Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast
Science Weekly
Stone Pages Archaeo News
Talking History: The Italian Unification
Technically Speaking
The Amazing POTUS: Presidential Showdown
The Angry History Show
The Arab Spring – A History
The AskHistorians Podcast
The Born Yesterday Podcast
The British History Podcast
The Bugle
The Bulgarian History Podcast
The China History Podcast
The Collapsed Wavefunction
The Complete Guide to Everything
The Deadline Podcast
The Egyptian History Podcast
The First World War in 261 weeks
The History Bomb
The History of Britain
The History of Byzantium
The History of Canada Podcast
The History of China » podcast
The History of England
The History of English Podcast
The History of Iran Podcast
The History of Rome
The History of WWII Podcast – by Ray Harris Jr
The Infinite Monkey Cage
The Kitchen Cabinet
The Lesser Bonapartes
The Maritime History Podcast
the memory palace
The Podcast History Of Our World
The Podcast of Doom
The Titanium Physicists Podcast
The Why Factor
The World of Islam: Culture, Religion, and Politics
Things Unseen
Topics In Korean History Podcast
Twilight Histories Podcast
Voices From The Ages
WARTIME: A History Series
When Diplomacy Fails Podcast
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David Snipes