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History of Alchemy Podcast

Best History Podcast - History of Alchemy

Travis and Pete bring Alchemy to life in a pleasant and informative format, which goes above and beyond anyone else attempting to bring the “Great Art” to the web. For those who are curious; these guys provide a great outline and ideas for further investigation. For those who are already learned; these guys will provide you with entertaining conversation, thoughts ... Read More »

A History of OIl

Best History Podcast - A History of Oil

Since oil is arguably the catalyst for our modern society, geo-poltiical situations and the literal fuel of our economy it is only right that it has its own dedicated history podcast. Well researched, well spoken and produced, informative and entertaining. It is amazing to see how oil is part of almost every thing and event in modern history. Listen to ... Read More »

Space Rocket History

Best History Podcasts - Space Rocket History

From ancient times to the present, Space Rocket History explores the world of space exploration. ┬áThe podcast and blog are updated weekly. Listen to this sample: Visit the website:┬áSpace Rocket History Podcast Read More »