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Medieval Archives

Best History Podcasts - Medieval Archives

The Medieval Archives podcast transports you back to an age of heroic kings, gallant knights and pious bishops. Separate fact from fiction and find out how the men and women of the middle ages really lived. Medieval Archives Podcast Website Read More »

Life Of Caesar

Best History Podcast - Life of Caesar

We all know the story. Or do we? Just who was Julius Caesar? Tyrant? Or misunderstood reformer? Join Ray Harris (The World War II Podcast) and Cameron Reilly (The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast) as they go on a journey to discover the true Julius Caesar. Life of Caesar Podcast Website Read More »

Talking History: The Italian Unification

Best History Podcast - Italian Unification

Two brothers telling the story of the Italian Unification, 1790-1870. Our story will start with a quick recap of Italian history from Roman times to 1790, then we’ll slow down and examine the complex social, political, and economic themes as we cover the events of the Italian Unification. Listen to this sample: Visit the website: Talking History: The Italian Unification Read More »

The History Chicks

image: best history podcast history chicks

Stop yawning! This isn’t History 101! Tuck away a couple of facts to throw out at dinner parties! Dazzle your kids when they are learning history in school! Dive headfirst into the subcultures that exist for just about anyone! Redecorate a room in homage! Plan a vacation around a women that existed long before you but, for some reason, you ... Read More »

Angry History Show

image: best history podcast angry history show

The Angry History Show is a humorist program hosted by writers Owen Moogan and Dean Karayanis. Episodes focus on correcting the errors in popular history reporting, debunking false quotes on the Internet, and using their combined 40 years of experience in various media to bring the past to life. Angry History Show Read More »

History in 5 Minutes

image: best history podcast

Historian and veteran Middle East journalist Michael Rank looks into the most exciting events and personalities of history in this podcast and explains them in five-minute episodes so that you can absorb the facts in the fastest way possible. History in 5 Minutes Podcast Read More »