RTE’ Conspiracy Podcast

RTE’ Conspiracy Podcast

Title: RTE’ Conspiracy Podcast
Irish Political Trials under the Union
Creator(s): Myles Dungan and Peter Mooney
Where to Find: iTunes (Site link in iTunes gives 404 error)
Premise: 4 part series dealing with Irish legal trials between the Act of Union in 1801 and Irish Independence.

Shows listened to (at time of review): All

Things done right:
Let me be upfront with this one, this is an AP level history podcast. They have taken a small part of history and are doing an advanced class on it. If you are looking for a course that needs to explain what Home Rule is, you are going to be hopelessly lost here, and in short order.
You can look at this as a bad or a good thing, I find it to be a great thing, but if you attempt to binge listen to it, or listen to it in short burst, like on a ride home or on a short break, this is not the podcast, you need to be on a 30+ minute car trip, and don’t stop for gas. pausing is not your friend on this podcast.
What is your friend is the depth and the caring of the subject matter. I can’t really tell if they have done this before, or very often, but the quality does improve as the short series goes on. By far my favorite one is part 3 (but if you download them all, its episode 2, since they didn’t number episode 1. ) where they almost role-play the court exchange, its  laugh out loud funny.

Things done Wrong:
There is not really a Things Done Wrong in what ways that other things are done wrong, but I want to caution you in that you do have to know a bit of whats going on.

This is a niche of a niche of a niche podcast, and if you are in that target audience, then this one is stellar for you. It plainly states it’s goals, and does it in massive detail, but in small enough chunks where you don’t need a scorecard or a playbook.Its a perfect podcast that does its job as well as possible.

Snipes’ Score: 10/10