Fail to the Chief

Fail to the Chief

Fail to the Cheif


Title Fail to the Chief

Creator Thom Woodley

Where to Find: Itunes

Premise: Going over the losers of the Presidential races in chronological order, ranking and even giving opinion on how they would do in present day.

Shows Listened To All, to Episode 9

George WallaceThings Done Right: First off, this is a WELL put-together podcast. Thom Woodley does a fantastic job of keeping the topic moving, going just deep enough into the subject matter to give you a good understanding of who and what the person was about. Thom Woodley also tends to toss in enough light bits and call backs to other episodes so that it flows as a giant narrative- easily treading the line between “this is what you need to know” and “go back and listen to the others first.” I’m not sure I agree with his “rankings” and how he grades his failures, but he does a solid job at explaining how he comes to that scoring system, and to be fair, he does a much better job at sticking to his system than I do, so I can’t argue that with him. On some of the earlier episodes the music tends to be annoying or over-powering, but he’s cleaned that up a great deal. If you are not that into early American politics, this is a great starter set for you to not only get your toe wet, but a good chunk of your foot. The time just flies by, and you almost find yourself wanting more.

The Website is a good bit of fun as well, with pictures of the men and some snide comments- always appreciated.

Things Done Wrong: Not exactly balanced. To be honest with you. For some reason everyone that owned slaves, or was not a good candidate, has been a republican if alive today, and all the “good” ones have been Democrats.

Amazing, considering how many Slave Owners and Federalists  are in the early Americans. Supporting a strong Central Gv’t that bends over backwards for business? That’s a Republican – unless he’s a good guy, then he’s a Democrat. Considering how little difference there is between the parties, kinda funny and a bit odd. Not like Reagan was a Democrat or Hillary Clinton worked for the Republican Party or anything. To his credit, he does call certain people out for hypocrisy. I’d love to see him turn around and do a VP series and eventually a Presidential series once he is done with the losers. (How about a Majority Leader series? Heck, Call me when he finishes going through the history of the Secretaries of Education)

I’m not a huge fan of how he rates the presidents, but again, its well explained, so I’ll take that.

My largest actual complaint is the music can be a bit overbearing and all the “gimmicks” take away from the presentation. its kinda like having a great steak and slathering it with A-1, mushrooms and a mashed potato gravy. It’s a still a great meal, but let me just get the great steak, quit covering it up!

In summary, this is a solid podcast, and I would recommend trying one or two to see if it’s your cup of tea. I do love American Politics, so its on my check daily list of podcasts to listen to.

Score 9. Cause I’m a Hamiltonian.