RTE’ Conspiracy Podcast


Title: RTE’ Conspiracy Podcast Irish Political Trials under the Union Creator(s): Myles Dungan and Peter Mooney Where to Find: iTunes (Site link in iTunes gives 404 error) Premise: 4 part series dealing with Irish legal trials between the Act of Union in 1801 and Irish Independence. Shows listened to (at time of review): All Things done right: Let me be ... Read More »


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Shows listened to (at time of review): All up to 11/5/14 Creator(s): Mike Duncan Where to Find: iTunes, Website Premise: Mike Duncan tells the story of world revolutions in a chronological order. Things done right: Duncan has a style and a polished format that tells the story in a clear and easy to follow manner. He  is able to weave a very ... Read More »

How Jamaica Conquered the World

image: Best History Podcast - How Jamaica Conquered the World

The small island of Jamaica has forged a new type of empire, an intangible realm of which there are no physical monuments. There is no official political or economic sphere of Jamaican influence but when it comes to popular culture its global reach is immense, far exceeding the reasonable expectation for a nation of just over 2.7 million people. For ... Read More »

The South African History Podcast

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Mark Groenewald tells the story of the rich history of South Africa. From the first humans that walked the earth to the Portuguese sailors that rounded the Cape to the present day. Nelson Mandela played a pivotal role in the recent history of South Africa but the podcast unveils some of the hidden truths and secrets behind the stories that ... Read More »

Irish History Podcast

Best History Podcast: Irish History Podcast

I am 32 year old historian, archaeologist and blogger. I have published a book on life in medieval Ireland entitled ‘Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome, life in Medieval Ireland’. I also organise tours of medieval Dublin, available on request. Irish History Podcast Read More »

Russian Rulers Podcast

Best History Podcast: Russian Rulers Podcast Logo

Mark Schauss does a great job giving you the facts of each ruler and is good about making it clear when he gives you his opinion on a particular event. He also does excellent job in keeping the names and geographical sections easy to follow which is important for a non-native Russian as many of the names are completely foreign ... Read More »

Bulgarian History Podcast

Best History Podcast: Bulgarian History Podcast Logo

This podcast aims to provide an entertaining look at the entirety of Bulgarian history from the early origins of the Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians to the present day. Episodes about the basic chronological history will be interspersed with interviews with historians. We hope that the podcast will be a useful resource for both Bulgarians who want to learn more about their ... Read More »

China History Podcast

image: Best History Podcast: China History Podcast

Lazlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5000 years of Chinese history and culture. China History Podcast Read More »

The Podcast History of Our World

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What possesses someone to attempt an audio collection of the entire history of the world? I dunno, that’s like  trying to figure out what the twenty three flavours in Dr. Pepper are. Or why the sky is blue. Or why birds suddenly appear every time you are near! Nobody knows! Podcasting is a beautiful medium that gives someone like me ... Read More »