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The Arab Spring – A History

Best History Podcast: The Arab Spring - A History

The Arab Spring: A History is a biweekly podcast seeking to explore just how the Arab Spring happened. If you’ve ever wondered just what has been happening in the Middle East for the last few years, this is the podcast for you. So, how are we going to do this? We’re going to tell the story of the Middle East ... Read More »

Irish History Podcast

Best History Podcast: Irish History Podcast

I am 32 year old historian, archaeologist and blogger. I have published a book on life in medieval Ireland entitled ‘Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome, life in Medieval Ireland’. I also organise tours of medieval Dublin, available on request. Irish History Podcast Read More »

Russian Rulers Podcast

Best History Podcast: Russian Rulers Podcast Logo

Mark Schauss does a great job giving you the facts of each ruler and is good about making it clear when he gives you his opinion on a particular event. He also does excellent job in keeping the names and geographical sections easy to follow which is important for a non-native Russian as many of the names are completely foreign ... Read More »

Bulgarian History Podcast

Best History Podcast: Bulgarian History Podcast Logo

This podcast aims to provide an entertaining look at the entirety of Bulgarian history from the early origins of the Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians to the present day. Episodes about the basic chronological history will be interspersed with interviews with historians. We hope that the podcast will be a useful resource for both Bulgarians who want to learn more about their ... Read More »

China History Podcast

image: Best History Podcast: China History Podcast

Lazlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5000 years of Chinese history and culture. China History Podcast Read More »

The Podcast History of Our World

Best History Podcasts - Podcast History of Our World Logo

What possesses someone to attempt an audio collection of the entire history of the world? I dunno, that’s like  trying to figure out what the twenty three flavours in Dr. Pepper are. Or why the sky is blue. Or why birds suddenly appear every time you are near! Nobody knows! Podcasting is a beautiful medium that gives someone like me ... Read More »

History Podcasters

image: best history podcasts logo history podcasters

What do we do? Our main focus is a collaborative podcast where we all get to contribute. There are tons of different show concepts and ideas floating around. We do a ‘collage’ style show where each member contributes a short story. We do interviews, where we get a chance to find out something about the podcasters themselves. We have plans to ... Read More »

The History Chicks

image: best history podcast history chicks

Stop yawning! This isn’t History 101! Tuck away a couple of facts to throw out at dinner parties! Dazzle your kids when they are learning history in school! Dive headfirst into the subcultures that exist for just about anyone! Redecorate a room in homage! Plan a vacation around a women that existed long before you but, for some reason, you ... Read More »

Angry History Show

image: best history podcast angry history show

The Angry History Show is a humorist program hosted by writers Owen Moogan and Dean Karayanis. Episodes focus on correcting the errors in popular history reporting, debunking false quotes on the Internet, and using their combined 40 years of experience in various media to bring the past to life. Angry History Show Read More »